INCLIVA is on the up in 2017: the institution continues to grow and has 182 active research projects

INCLIVA is on the up in 2017: the institution continues to grow and has 182 active research projects

INCLIVA’s Board of Trustees met this week to take stock of the Institution’s activity last year. The approved budget for 2018 is €8.667.770, which is €1,100,000 more than last year. 

Among the topics discussed at the meeting, was the appointment of Dr. Ana Lluch, an internationally recognized oncologist and coordinator of the INCLIVA Breast Cancer Biology Research Group, and the IGENOMIX Foundation, represented by its scientific director, Dr. Carlos Simón, Jaime I Medical Research Award winner in 2011 and coordinator of the applied Stem Cell Reproduction Research Group and INCLIVA Embryonic Viability and Endometrial Receptivity group, as new members of the Board of Trustees. 


More than 180 active research projects and two new ISO certifications 

INCLIVA’s activity in 2017 was very positive, and the figures confirm the institution’s continued growth as one of the most important national health research institutes at the national level and the one with the longest international reach.

During 2017, INCLIVA developed 182 research projects, of which 17 belong to European programs and 63 to national Carlos III Health Institute and Ministry of Economy, Industry, and Competitiveness plans. The Valencian regional government financed 25 projects, 40 of which were intramural and were promoted from within INCLIVA and 39 were run from private initiatives. Moreover, 15 of the INCLIVA research groups are integrated into Network Research Networks such as CIBER, ITEMAS, or the national network of BIOBANCOS, which allows INCLIVA researchers to actively participate in European projects and first-rate international clinical trial programs. 

This year, INCLIVA obtained funding from the Health Research Fund (FIS)—promoted by the Carlos III Health Institute—for 16 projects, more than 50% of the projects it presented. In addition, two new European projects belonging to the H2020 BigMedilytics and BodyPass program, both directed in Spain by Dr. Josep Redon, also stand out. 

It is also noteworthy that in 2017, INCLIVA implemented and obtained two new ISO 9001 certifications, for the Oncology Phase I Clinical Trials Unit and the Anesthesia Research Group, respectively. This recognition certifies that these research projects provide quality systems and high-standard training for their professionals.

During this Board of Trustees meeting, INCLIVA’s Code of Good Scientific Practices (approved by its Internal Scientific Committee) was also presented, as well as the 2018 Training Plan and schemes planned for next year at the INCLIVA health institute, including postgraduate training, a Biomedical Research training program, seminars, conferences, scientific conferences, scholarships, grants, sabbaticals, and internships.

INCLIVA is on the up in 2017: the institution continues to grow and has 182 active research projects