The Governing Board is the body responsible for drawing up and approving proposals for activities and research projects, decide and assign the budget resources and execute and enforce the agreements of the Board among other functions. The current composition is as follows:


  •  Dr. D. Alvaro Bonet Pla, Managing Director of the Hospital Clinical University in Valencia and the Valencia Health Department clinician - Malvarrosa



  •  Dr. D. Federico Pallardó Calatayud, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of Valencia. 


Director General

  • Dr. D. Rafael Carmena Rodríguez.



  • Dña. Maite Sáenz Gónzalez, General Secretary



  • Dr. D. Josep Redón i Mas, Foundation Scientific Director
  • Dr. D. Salvador Lluch López, Department of Physiology at the University of Valencia
  • D. Manuel Alos, Consultant, Head of HCUV Pharmacy Service 
  • Dr. D. Andrés Cervantes Ruipérez, Consultant, Head of HCUV Oncology Service 
  • Dr. D. Carlos Simón Vallés, IVI Scientific Director
  • Dr. D. Pascual Medina Beso, UCIM Coordinator at the University of Valencia
  • Dra. Dña. Ana Sanmartin Almenar, Director of care primary of the Department of health Valencia clinician - Malvarrosa
  • Dr. D. Jorge Navarro Pérez, Hospital Clinical University in Valencia Medical Director.
  • Dr. Ms. Marina Soro, Clinical Research Ethics Committee President
  • Ms. Ana María Ávila Peñalver, General Director of research, innovation, technology and quality of the Department of Universal Healthcare and public health of the Generalitat Valenciana