Confocal Microscopy Unit

  • Detection of tissue, cellular, and subcellular processes using fluorescent probes.
  • Marker co-localization studies.
  • Materials analysis.
  • Molecular monitoring.
  • Capture of serial sequences and their subsequent three-dimensional reconstruction.
  • Leica TCS SP2 spectral confocal microscope, ultraviolet laser, multiphoton system, temperature and CO2 control. It has a DMIRB inverted microscope for transmitted light in bright field and incident light fluorescence with optical components for interference contrast. With three fluorescent filter bocks: I3 (blue excitation BP 450-490; emission LP 515) for FITC, Cy2, etc.; N2.1 (green excitation BP 515-560; emission LP 590) for TRITC, Cy3, etc.; and A (UV excitation BP 340-380; emission LP 425) for HOECHST or DAPI, etc.
  • System includes four laser sources: far-red (HeNe 633 nm), red (HeNe 543nm), green (HeNe 488 nm) and blue (Ar 351nm, 364).
  • Leica DMI3000 inverted research microscope, fluorescence system with power supply EL 6000 with long-life Halidelamp (2000h) 100 Watt and fiber optic transmission for fluorescence. It has three filter blocks for TRITC (red), FITC (green) and DAPI (blue), and it has four objectives: 10x, 20x, 40x and 63x.
  • UCIM, Floor 2, Laboratory 19, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Valencia


Unit Head
Sonia Priego Villanueva
Contact phone number: 963983303