Bioinformatics and Biostatistics

The Unit is mainly dedicated to analyzing data from omics experiments, but also actively participates in:

  • Internal and external research projects, providing advice and support to researchers in the design and analysis of experiments.
  • The development of bioinformatic infrastructures for management, quality control, sequencing-data processing, and/or microarrays from the Genomics Service or other Units or Services, as well as developing software and workflows for analyzing the data from high-production technologies.
  • Assisting INCLIVA researchers by advising on statistical and bioinformatic analysis and by facilitating access to distributed or locally-hosted intensive computing resources.

INCLIVA has a computing facility with 100 cores, 400GB of RAM memory 80TB of redundant network storage and 20TB of fast nonredundant storage local to the nodes for high I/O processes like short read alignments or variant calling from bam files.

  • Avenida Menéndez Pelayo 4 accesorio 46010


Miguel Herreros Martínez / Sheila Zúñiga Trejos
Unit Head
Miguel Herreros Martínez / Sheila Zúñiga Trejos
Contact phone number: 961973518


Sheila Zúñiga Trejos
Sheila Zúñiga Trejos
Contact phone number: 961973519
Miguel Herreros Martínez
High Performance Computing
Miguel Herreros Martínez
Contact phone number: 961973518
Juan Antonio Carbonell Asins
Juan Antonio Carbonell Asins
Jorge Martín Arana
Predoctoral Researcher
Jorge Martín Arana
Contact phone number: 961973518
Alejandro Domínguez Lucas
Alejandro Domínguez Lucas
Contact phone number: 961973518

Made-to-measure analytical and computing solutions to drive your research

Our mission is to promote and execute high quality translational research offering both methodological and analytical support. To do so, We provide a competitive portfolio
Nuestra misión es impulsar, promover y ejecutar una investigación traslacional de calidad ofreciendo ofreciendo apoyo metodológico, analítico y computacional. Para ello, nuestro equipo pone a su disposición la tecnología más avanzada a través de la siguiente cartera de servicios.

1) Bioinformatics services:

  • Analysis of gene panels, exomes and genomes (SNVs, indels, CNVs) in both germline and somatic samples.
  • Design and validation of gene panels.
  • 'De novo' assembly of small genomes.
  • 'De novo' assembly of transcriptomes.
  • RNA-Seq data analysis (gene and isoform quantification, differential expression analysis, variant identification, fusion genes).
  • Microarray data analysis (both expression and methylation arrays).
  • Functional enrichment analysis (identification of biological functions, cellular components or molecular functions with gene ontology terms, identification of altered metabolic pathways or related diseases).
  • Complex network data integration, analysis and visualization.

2) Biostatistics services:

  • Design of clinical and epidemiological studies.
  • Sample size estimation.
  • Simulation techniques.
  • Supervised and unsupervised analysis techniques.
  • Predictive modelling.

3) Computing and storage services:

  • Access to high performance computing (HPC) infrastructure.
  • Data storage.
  • Deployment, management and maintenance of computing infrastructure owned by our research groups in our data centre.

4) Additional services:

  • Advice and methodological support to write protocols, research project proposals, articles, doctoral/MSc/BSc thesis.
  • Data mining and exploratory analysis of public databases.
  • Graphical representation of research results.
  • Curation and analysis of databases.
  • Training on demand.
  • Consulting.