Personal Autonomy, dependencies and severe mental disorders Unit

This Unit is a pioneer in implementing evaluations in patients with severe mental disorders and/or cognitive impairments, taking a holistic and personalized approach. In addition, the unit has technology which allows them to objectify parameters which would traditionally be obtained subjectively. 


Clinical assessment. An integrated service which comprises three main areas:

  • Neurocognitive (or social cognition).
  • Psychosocial functioning.
  • Symptoms, course, medication and multimorbidity.


Intervention programs focused primarily on two strategies:

  • Psychoeducation for patients and families.
  • Training and recovery of basic cognitive skills and social.


Functional assessment:

  • Functional assessment of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Assessment of the cervical spine.
  • Rating of the march.
  • Assessment of the lumbar spine.
  • Rating upper extremity: shoulder.
  • Assessment of the upper extremity: joint balance.
  • Assessment of the lower limbs.
  • Rating of the upper limb: muscle balance.


Analysis of visual attention

  • Tobii T60 Eye Trackers screen allows to study eye tracking for a wide variety of research purposes. 


  • System for assessing human gait kinetics.
  • System for the assessment of plantar pressures.
  • System for the assessment of balance.
  • System for the evaluation of the cervical spine.
  • System for the assessment of lumbar spine.
  • System for the assessment of upper limb (shoulder).
  • System for the assessment of lower extremity (knee).
  • Assessment of upper limb muscle.
  • Assessment of the lower limb muscle.
  • Surface electromyography (EMGS).
  • Surface electromyography synchronized with other equipment Kinescan / IBV movement analysis systems. 
  • Monitoring System Tobii T60 eye EyeTrackers
  • UCIM, Floor 0E, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Valencia
  • INCLIVA Building, Floor 4, Avenida Menéndez Pelayo 4 accesorio 46010


Dr. Rafael Tabarés Seisdedos
Unit Head
Dr. Rafael Tabarés Seisdedos
Contact phone number: 963864744


Inmaculada Fuentes Durá
Contact phone number: 963864744
Gabriel Selva Vera
Contact phone number: 963864744
Patricia Correa Ghisays
Contact phone number: 963864744
Magda Cáceres Cáceres
Contact phone number: 963864744