Animal Housin Facilities and Experimental Surgery Unit

  • The facility, with an area of approximately 500 m2, provides centralized and specific tools and housing for breeding and maintaining experimental animals. Housing experimental animals (mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, pigs, etc.) allows activities such as their breeding and development and the production and maintenence of genetically-modified mice to be carried out; The Unit’s staff also give advice and training on aspects of experimentation and overseeing animal welfare.
  • Open-cage racks, filter-cage racks, ventilated racks, isolator cabinets. Washing and sterilization area with cage-washer, with a high cleaning and disinfection capacity, feeding bottle washer, animal sterilization autoclave, Window SAS with ultraviolet light and Hydrogen peroxide SAS.
  • Operating theaters for inferior mammals (rodents, lagomorphs and others) and for superior mammals (pig), equipped with the material needed to carry out basic surgical procedures: inhalation anesthesia in rodents, fan for superior mammals, gases, diagnostic imaging (ultrasound, scopy), etc.
  • Procedure rooms to carry out experimental manipulation tasks, necropsies, etc.
  • Behavior room to carry out behavioral studies.
  • UCIM, Floor 3, Zone 2, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Valencia


Unit Head
Dra. Ana Díaz Cuevas
Contact phone number: 963864100 - 55019